New Family Heirloom - Ark [Legendary Crafted Bow]

Yes, I name each bow of mine (except for the Samick Sage bows), because they each represent a phase of my life since I picked up archery. In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I ordered a new custom made bow for me, from the same bowyer (bow maker) who made Sirsil.
Jaco, of TimberPoint Archery in Estonia (, sent me these production pics of my bow, using my hand measurements, my color selection, and a piece of Woolly Mammoth Ivory embedded into its grip!
What I am about to show you are behind the scene pics of a masterpiece being made.


A piece of Woolly Mammoth Ivory that was purchased to be embedded on the grip of my new bow, Ark.  I waited about 2 months before Jaco reached out to me and started asking me questions, such as limb design, colors, features, etc. 



Jaco and I are going over bow design. Each bow Jaco makes is unique to the archer that requested it. 


Over the next two weeks, Jaco starts sending me photos of the bow being made.



Base component being cut. 



Limbs being added. 



10,000-year-old Woolly Mammoth ivory being embedded into Ark's grip!



Woolly Mammoth ivory embedded into Ark's grip.. 



Ark should arrive in the new few weeks, and I am eager to see how it looks like once it's polished and ready to shoot. I am very excited to have this in my possession.