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A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

"Kudos to myself, for after all I have been through,

I still manage to live with driving passions, love in my heart, and the curiosity of a child." -RS

And I'm Sorry



Sorry, I'm not that guy with a Ph.D.

Sorry, I don't know how to pour wine perfectly.

Sorry, that I couldn't run as fast as you.


Yes, I like anime sometimes.

Yes, I was a little lazy sometimes. 

Yes, I look silly dancing all the time.


I'm that quiet guy in English class.

I'm a little short but I'll make you laugh.

I'm pretty smart but I suck at math.


Sorry, that I liked taking candid photos of you.

Sorry, that I made you hot while cuddling.

Sorry, I used both locks upstairs again.

Sorry, that I didn't secure that birthday cake while driving.


Yes, I keep my eyes closed when watching scary movies.

Yes, I do the same when needles are used at the doctor's office.

Yes, I wore clothes that didn't fit me right.

Yes, I loved my cool office closet.


I know I don't have the best memory and I write things down all the time

And you can laugh, but I don't mind.

Things like that don't bother me at all.


And I was not exactly how you wanted me to be.

And I'm sorry. 


We said goodbye.

Before I got to apologize.

I didn't change for you.

But some things I did,

For me and for Blu.

And I'm sorry.