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A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

Beauty without depth is just decoration.


Monster Feet and Little Hands


I use Amazon's photo depository, and the app comes with a feature called, "On This Day." Every day you will see some photos that were taken that same day, on a previous year. It's pretty neat really, and I enjoy being reminded of things. 


On this day, this photo came up and a smile formed on my face. Sometimes I wish I can go back to the days where she wore her little monster feet and held on to my ears when carrying her on my shoulders. ^_^


SHHH When you're supposed to!


So, Blu is continuously getting straight A's in all her exams, and in her last SAT, she scored a top 1% for reading and top 7% for math. I am delighted with her academic performance thus far. However, she keeps getting in trouble... why? She talks so much haha. She is a chatterbox! She completes her work and once done she seems to engage in conversation with students around her causing interruption. So I've developed a brilliant idea! I will be taping this pic I made on her desk to remind her of the times in which she needs to "Shhh." I love the fact that she's a chatterbox because it is an outstanding trait to have later in life. We have fantastic conversations during dinner and when we are together in general (I'm a better listener than a chatterbox so she keeps me engaged), but I need to teach her when it's appropriate and when it's not. Attempt #1 is underway!


A Subtle Reminder


A father is practicing calligraphy by writing a note to his daughter. A note that he will place in her lunchbox the following morning. Knowing full well that a surprise note will bring a smile to her at lunchtime, he reminds her of a valuable lesson: effort and thoughtfulness are qualities of love, expect no less and do no less.

Back to School


Back to School Tax-Free Shopping. Mission: Wardrobe Updates for the munchkin. Status: Complete.