Blu's First Riding Lessons


I couldn't stop thinking of how great it felt to ride a horse 2 weeks ago. The last time I felt this burn inside my gut was when I first picked up a bow, and maybe perhaps the last time Blu's mom cooked for me (funny story). Western-style seems more organic, wild, adventurous. English seems more about control, discipline, order, and even art in a way. The bond you must achieve between man and beast in order to ride in unison is just so incredible. I already have running, photography, archery, and calligraphy keeping me busy. Is riding my next move? If you explore and try new things, then eventually... some of those things will ignite a fire in you that will just force your attention.


This past Saturday, Blu and I got our first official lesson by champion dressage/hunter rider, Marisol. Marisol also happens to practice mounted archery! Marisol complimented me privately regarding Blu, saying she seems to have a natural knack for the sport.


In one memorable moment, while riding, Blu goes to me, "Dad, watch this! I'm going to make you proud of me!" I replied. "Bella, I'm already proud of you!" Blu responded with a smile.