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 “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” – Ernest Hemingway


A Sunday at the Everglades Archery Range

So this Sunday I decided to take my camera and GoPro to take some footage for the semi-monthly Acorn shootout at the archery range. The Acorn Shoot is a 3-D target competition amongst members who pitch in $5. The winner of the shoot-out takes the jackpot home. The minute I heard it's been reinstated, I got excited. Competition is good and fun.


For the most part of the games, I was doing very well, keeping toe to toe with my coach, Dana. Then, on one target, my wood arrow shattered on impact. I can only assume that it either hit an arrow tip embedded inside the target, or it hit another arrow that caused deflection making the arrow hit at an angle upon impact. The force of impact made the arrow bend enough to make it snap. Still, it was considered a miss and that caused me to lose serious points. Then, on another target, as the rain fell down on me, I missed a shot. UGH [2:40 on Vid].


Unfortunately, due to rain and thunder, we had to end it short and not shoot the last 3 targets. Still, I had an amazing time shooting in the rain, thunder crackling in the background, and arrows flying.