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A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

Beauty without depth is just decoration.


Blu and Morikami Gardens


I took Blu to the Morikami Gardens this past weekend. I tend to enjoy saving memories via photography, blogging, or even making little video clips. One day, when Blu is older, she will see these short videos and think of me. I hope to give her a small collection of shared memories with her father. I am usually terrible at photographing children, but for apparent reasons, I absolutely enjoy taking photographs of her. Even though after a while she gives me the, "Ok daddy, I think we took enough pictures ok?"

"Sorry behbah, your daddy likes to take pictures of things he loves and one day you might be doing the same with your behbahs using this camera!"


"Ok ok fiiiiinnneeeee.... one more pic? ^_^"



Blu Has A Feeling


I tend to capture lots of memories with my daughter, and one day I decided to put together a little something to express her cheerful and playful demeanor. 


For the Feels

Kevin, Jason, and Mike recently got new bikes. 


"Let's go for a ride. I'll bring my GoPro"


Capturing Moments - Kat


My camera see's what my heart sees, and what I saw in Kat was nothing but good since first meeting her her. A kind person, intelligent, beautiful and somewhat stubborn at times haha. One day we went out for a run, she danced after a small adventure we had, and I felt compelled to put together a little video. 



A Sevilla trip to the Magic Kingdom


Blu and I saved our money in her piggy bank. Once the piggy bank was full, we went to Disney. Both of us, for the first time. 


Zip - Lining


Melena and I were going through some difficult times, each of us on our own little journey to re-identify ourselves. 


"I always wanted to try Zip Lining. My dad and brothers did it in Nicaragua. It sounded like fun. "


"Yeah? So why don't we go zip lining!?"


"Umm, where?"


"There's one near Orlando. Let's go! Like, this weekend!"




Sky Diving - Facing Fears

I want to travel, but flying has been one of the major obstacles why I have not traveled much.This fear crippled me and made me come up with excuses time and time again as to why I shouldn't go to X destination or Y destination. I wanted to do something about this fear by facing it, and what better way to do so than by jumping out of a plane?! It was an incredible experience shared by others who have never skydived before. After the skydive, we formed a pact to do more things akin to this as a group! Peru is on our targets, and I look forward to it! I will be publishing a new group video soon.


Special thanks to Nava for identifying my stress during the flight up and holding my hand throughout the ascend. That was powerful.



New York City Marathon 2016


So back in November, I went to NYC to run the NYC Marathon. I stayed with my cousin, Joanna, who made my entire weekend enjoyable. While she made me walk SO MUCH before the race, she treated me to experiencing life through a New Yorker's eyes, not just the tourist spots. I love it. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for her. From taking me to get my BIB, showing me places to eat, cooking for me, leaving me food before the race, waiting for me at the finish line with clothes to change into (it was freaking cold!), I am fortunate to have her in my life. Not to mention how much she was there for me during my divorce.